Future Live Streaming Equipment


Future Live Streaming Equipment


Future Live Streaming Equipment

To broadcast media online in real time to a viewer, more known as live streaming, has increased the last years.
Websites like is among the larger platforms where viewers are able to interact with the broadcaster, and vice versa. This website has become the number one go-to platform to find streaming related to e-sport, creative making and music. 

Year 2017 Twitch had 140 million unique viewers each month, a number that keeps growing drastically. But despite the huge success and growth of full time streamers and people that only use this platform as a hobby, there hasn't been much development from a design perspective. 

Design Problem
People that live stream are currently using a wide span of products and systems. A typical work station for streamers is filled with diverse products, ranging from microphones, headphones and speakers, to cameras and light sources. Most of these products aren't even suited to fit streaming in the first place, it's a scattered mess.  This creates a problem for new groups that want to get in to the streaming community as broadcasters. Having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment is a huge commitment for people that just want to try it out.

I want to explore a solution that makes it easier for new groups to start broadcasting, that also invites more people to wanna try it out.

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